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Who we are ?

At JECedit Global, we understand the significance of research-based education in shaping the careers and professions of budding scholars. Our primary focus is on students poised to embark on their bachelor, master, or doctoral dissertations, especially those venturing into fields of administration, government services, banking, insurance, international trade, advanced commerce, industry, or academic teaching.

Our one-on-one mentorship program is meticulously tailored to fortify both faculty scholars and students with research competencies. We leverage today’s advanced online writing tools that bolster collaborative functionalities, ensuring streamlined communication in the research and writing journey. Be it through emails or platforms like Google Docs, we facilitate interactive feedback mechanisms to enrich research papers and other projects, ultimately enhancing research and writing proficiencies.

It’s evident that after completing courses on thesis or dissertation writing, students often find themselves adrift, unsure of the subsequent steps. Similarly, many faculty members struggle to produce work that resonates with high-impact factor journals. This is primarily due to a chasm between academic teachings and the evidence-based research requisites of esteemed journals. It’s crucial to understand that while a university might prioritize clarity and organization in writing, journal editors and reviewers seek papers that bring value and persuasive narratives. Consequently, especially for junior faculty and students, there’s an undeniable need for specialized support to bridge this gap, ensuring their research contributions are publication-worthy.

Our editorial team is adept at a myriad of research techniques, spanning from Econometrics, Advanced Time Series, Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis, to Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis, Comparative Analysis, and more. They are well-versed in both qualitative research and empirical modeling techniques. Not just limited to grammar and style, our editors bring a wealth of conceptual and methodological wisdom to the table. Their role is to advise and guide, never to reconstruct any part of a research paper.

Our holistic suite of services encompasses on-site consulting, off-site consulting, bespoke learning modules, expert content advising, university research review, and manuscript editing. We’re staunchly against the proliferation of ghostwriting in academia. Ghostwriters, those who draft research papers for financial gains, degrade the sanctity of quality education. At JECedit Global, our mission is to obliterate research ignorance and pave the path for the next wave of knowledge producers and leaders. We pride ourselves on partnering with numerous universities, assisting them in delivering unparalleled educational experiences to their scholars, ensuring they are a cut above the rest.

University Services

JECedit offers educational consultancy services to Universities to enhance their student’s performance. Universities with large class sizes in most countries have many students that are not receiving appropriate supports to acquire sound education.Therefore, our services are designed to support students to improve their research and academic writing skills. Our services are delivered through different activities: consulting on-site, consulting off-site, and content expert advising, customized learning to suit the individual’s needs, and university research review

Research Paper Editing

Editing of research article may involve structuring, conceptual, and content editing. I. Structuring entails questioning whether the actual layout of the paper takes into consideration the necessary links associated with...

Consulting On-site

Consulting on-site means that we meet with potential faculties or students who need research and writing supports in their school, and after two or three meetings, we use online tools...

Consulting Off-site

We offer one-on-one writing support via online. Today's online writing apps offer robust collaboration features that keep everyone involved in the writing process on the same page. In essence, sharing...

Content Expert Advising

Our content experts would guide the students to deal with issues most relevant for research and academic writing. For example, the experts would help the students to think about social...

Customized Learning to Suit Individual’s Needs

JECedit recognizes that the needs for each student to improve their research and academic writing skills may be different. Thus, we tailor-make packages to suit individual student requirements. We do...

University Research Review

We recognize that Professors have no sufficient time to thoroughly examine theses and dissertations to achieve the expected quality. Thus, we provide oversight to the students who are writing final...

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