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Research Paper Editing

Editing of research article may involve structuring, conceptual, and content editing.

I. Structuring entails questioning whether the actual layout of the paper takes into consideration the necessary links associated with the subject matter for the author to make the amendment. It involves reformulating and repositioning various chapters, sections, and sub-sections to ensure proper integration of different parts of the text. It also includes checking how systematize are, the table of contents and reference lists, and formatting of text. Aforementioned allows the author to recognize missing links, connect them to each other for the free flow of the text. A poorly structured paper will lack coherence or logical fashion.

II. Conceptual involves questioning the concept used in the text, does it address the research question(s) and aim, how well does the concept relate to the empirical material, how well is the interactions among competing concepts, and giving suggestions on how to improve what is lacking in the argument. If a dynamic interaction is absent or there is a loss of interaction in the debate, it means that a few authors’ voices are heard in the paper. An analysis is required at this stage to prevent that happening in an academic paper.

III. Content involves recognizing redundant and run-on sentences and giving suggestions on how to reformulate the sentences to fit the argument in the text. Experience has shown that many a time this happens because researchers while trying to write a formal language to suit the argument of their paper end up using nested clauses/phrases, jargons, and quoting previous studies out of context. Reading such text can be frustrating, and readers will lose interest and drop the paper if not taking care of. Checking to see that proper analysis has been performed and to avoid descriptive approach which is often not required in an academic paper.

Note: You can request samples of our reviewed manuscripts to see the depth of our review.

   Cost Per Manuscript Editing From 10 to 35 Pages

Expected Delivery Period Cost in US$
144-192 hours (6-8 days)  200
96 hours (1-4 days)  250
72 hours (1-3 days)  300
48 hours (1- 2 days)


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