University Services

University Research Review

We recognize that Professors have no sufficient time to thoroughly examine theses and dissertations to achieve the expected quality. Thus, we provide oversight to the students who are writing final project papers, theses, and dissertations through their supervisors. This means that we review students’ papers at a minimum three times and pass our comments through their supervisors who decide what to accept and what not to accept to ensure that their theses and dissertations meet the minimum standard required by their respective universities. Through this process, we enhance the quality of the students’ theses and dissertations. We bring the valuable perspective of the external audience to the review of student works and can dictate issues missed by those more familiar with them. As such, our editors can identify and bring to the attention of the students, the supervisors or the chairpersons what the readers of student works are likely to discover as evidence of poor quality research emanating from their institutions.

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