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  • Why does JECedit offer individual mentoring loan?

    JECedit offers Individual Mentoring Loan because we assume that Microfinance Banks are exploiting the poor through microcredit loans. We believe that microcredit is not a business to make a huge profit by any entity. Instead, microcredit should be used to help the poor to engage in any activity that would help them meet their basic needs. Thus, instead of keeping our savings in the hands of investment bankers and brokers, we decided to help aspiring individuals and the poor because it will help them to meet basic needs and fulfill their life purpose.


  • What is the content of complete editing package?

    Our complete editing package includes: proposal review, proofreading,copy editing, formatting, and checking references to correspond with your faculty guidelines, and controlling your document for Plagiarism, to ensure that your manuscript is original.

  • Does the complete editing package included in the thesis editing cost, $300 per chapter?

    No. The amount covered proposal review, proofreading, and copy-editing. If you want formatting, referencing, and plagiarism controls, you will add them as extras. It means that an additional cost of $100 will apply. Usually, plagiarism control is free if you want formatting and referencing control.

  • Is your website safe to receive online payment?

    Our website is safe for online payment. However, to protect you and guarantee our mutual trust, we require all payments via PayPal. However, if you prefer bank transfer, we can provide you our bank account details via email. 

  • What if I don’t want you to work on my entire paper?

    Please highlight the sections that you want us to ignore. Please keep in mind that unedited portions of the paper will not be edited if you later decide to edit it at a later stage.

  • Do I have to ask for a price quote?

    If you want proposal review, proofreading, and copy-editing, our prices are set in advance based on thesis and dissertation.Thus, you can choose what you want. However, if you want something else, you should contact Manuscript Acquisition Department.

    Email: manuscriptacquisition@jecedit.com

  • How do I pay with a bank transfer?

    To pay by bank transfer (wire transfer), please request for our bank details via email: paymentsupport@jecedit.com

  • Who are your editors?

    Our editors have either Master degrees or PhD from one of the top research Universities in Europe and United States. They are all native English speakers and must meet rigorous selection standards.

  • What are the differences between Proposal Review, Proofreading, and copy-editing?

    Proposal review involves  one subject-area expert reading chapter 1 of 3 of your thesis or dissertation to provide you substantial comments to enable you handle issues that could hinder your paper from getting approval from the URR. Proofreading entails identifying, spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word usage errors in your text. Then, you, as the author of the research paper will be required to integrate the changes. Copy-editing makes it possible for one subject-area expert to reread your thesis or dissertation again to make sure that the proofreading edits and changes the author integrated are suitable. If proofreading and copy-editing are included in your package, we can issue you editing certificate if your institution wants proof that you have edited your thesis or dissertation.

  • Will you help me re-edit my paper to submit to a Journal publisher?

    No, we understand that even after receiving your final edited document from JECedit, you may have to make significant changes to your thesis or dissertation before submitting it a Journal of your choice. Therefore, you may have to use our Manuscript Editing service. Manuscript editing service allows you to resubmit your thesis or dissertation to us for a re-edit for publishing in a journal of your choice. The price for Manuscript Editing is not set in advance. You should send your manuscript to Manuscript Acquisition Department at manuscriptacquisition@jecedit.com , the department will determine the cost. 

  • Do you guarantee my paper will get published?

    No. Publication is a subjective process, so we are not able to guarantee that you will be published after you use our Manuscript Editing Services. We do guarantee that we will re-edit your paper to meet the requirement of a journal if only English grammar is the problem. However, in journal editing, different editing packages may be necessary. Read more about this under Services menu. Click on “Research Paper Editing: Manuscripts (Research Articles).”

  • What do I do if a journal mentions English as a problem?

    Please e-mail us the following files:
    The same draft of your paper that you submitted to your journal.
    The most updated version of your paper, including any changes made to respond to the reviewers’ comments. The full text of the reviewers’ comments, as well as your response letter to the reviewers, if you have written one. We will review your files and contact you with additional information within one business day.

  • I received too many comments on my thesis from my thesis supervisor, but I am not sure I know what he wants. Can you deal with this type of problem?

    Sure, we are not worried about the volume of comments from your supervisor. In fact, if your paper has many comments, it’s fine. It is better to have many comments than a few comments from your supervisor. Much comments give us a clear understanding of the action to take, and that will help us to address the problems effectively. Our interest is to help students like you to succeed.

  • My thesis supervisor told me that my thesis is descriptive. She advised me to be analytical to get a good grade. I asked her what she meant by being analytical; she said that I should present a logical argument, but I still did not understand what she meant. Please, what does it mean to be analytical? Please use simple language.

    To be analytical in your thesis means that you should connect three things, theory, previous research, and empirical evidence in your argument. You can learn more by reading the book title “Research & Academic Writing for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Students” (Conable, 2018). The book addresses the basic topics that would help you to formulate research questions, aim, theoretical, and philosophical underpinning of your research. You should register on My Account page and search for the title on the Book Store. You can also receive free research and academic writing resources by clicking “Services,” locating “Free Research and Academic Writing Resources,” and Download. Complete the form with the required data. You will receive the link to download vital research and academic writing resources. We offer our students a comprehensive research method textbooks that simplifies all the research method topics undergraduate and graduate students often struggle with whether in qualitative or quantitative. Reading them would undoubtedly help you to improve your research and academic writing skills.

  • I have asked my lectures the difference between hypothesis and assumption, and I have searched through google but I did not find clear explanation. Could you please tell me, what is the different between hypothesis and assumption?

    A hypothesis is a statement of presupposition. Some hypothesis might suggest that one thing causes another while some might suggest that there is a relationship between two variables. A statement of hypothesis must be based on a priori assumptions (i.e based on theoretical presuppositions). It means that the statement must be accompanied with some testable propositions that will either nullify or confirm the hypothesis. It is not a hypothetical assumption, if a statement suggests that one thing causes another or there is an association between A and B based on a posteriori assumption. Assumption is what you think that most people accepted to be the truth about the issue. Example, daily, people make assumptions without knowing. For example, a week ago, a friend of mine, an African student at the Lund University was in my office when his mobile phone rang. The call was from his brother back home. After hearing that his sick uncle had died responded:

    1- The man would not have died if he had money to receive medical treatment. 

    2- In a later conversation with me, he added, most of the premature death in developing countries are caused by poverty.

    In 1 & 2 statements, he made hypothetical statements without knowing. The two statements suggest that the death of the uncle and premature deaths in the developing countries are positively associated with lack of money. The two statements will remain hypothetical assumptions until proven by testing some hypotheses. Therefore, an assumption is untested claim of reality while hypothesis is a construct that would be tested to determine the validity of the presupposition.

  • Please do you provide research writing learning resources with some video tutorials, especially to learn SPSS?

    Yes, but we can only give access to such materials to Master and PhD students that enrolled in research and academic writing mentoring through their university.

  • Can I make a half payment for editing because in your website the complete payment is demanded?

    You can send us email using paymentsupport@jecedit.com. We shall provide you our bank details to make half payment.

  • How do you perform your editing services?

    All edits will be performed using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, which allows you to learn what was wrong and to do the final correction yourself. 

  • Please can you assist me to formulate problem statement and research questions, and determine the theoretical framework suitable for my thesis?

    Yes, but it will cost you $100. Send your request via email: researchwriting@jecedit.com

  • I purchased ebooks from your bookstore, but download links were not delivered. What should I do?

    Normally, you should receive download links in your account with JECedit, and not through your email. Please login to your JECedit account to confirm that the links are there. If you did not see the links, please send email to support department at info@jecedit.com

  • How can I retrieve my online purchased books?

    Once you have confirmed your order with us, please login to your JECedit account to view the link to download your books.

  • What happens after a PDQ review, Premise review, Prospectus review, and Proposal review?

    After a preliminary PDQ review, Premise review, Prospectus review, and Proposal review, the paper is either considered “Faulty,” or “Right track.”

    Faulty Premise: It means a student has no clear idea what to research.

    Faulty Prospectus: It means a student did not fully understand how to proceed with the research.

    Faulty Proposal: It means a student would not be able to independently carry out research investigations successfully.

    Right track Premise: It means a student has a good idea what to research.

    Right track Prospectus: It means a student fully understand how to proceed with the research.

    Right track Proposal: It means a student would be able to independently carry out research investigations successfully.

  • What is JECEDIT Articulation?

    JECEDIT Articulation is a document that provides suggestions how to present explanations appropriate for a research paper outline.

  • What happens if my PDQ is faulty?

    It means that after reviewing your PDQ, the information needed to draw valid conclusions about your research paper’s components were missing. Usually, the reviewer would ask you to put forward a new one, and that can be repeated up to five times.

  • What happens if my PDQ is right tract ?

    Being on the right tract allowed the reviewer to complete PDQ review and issue articulation immediately.

  • I want to take a loan of NGN500, 000.00 for 12 months how much am I expected to pay at the end of 12 months?

    It depends on what type of loan you want. For example, if you need a business loan, the interest rate is 10% between 1-3 months. See Loan Product Features on the User’s dashboard.

    It means that 10% interest rate apply every 3 months. If you borrow NGN500, 000.00 from us, you will be expected to pay 50,000.00 plus the principal amount NGN 500, 000.00. Total amount 550, 000.00.00.  Monthly repayment is not expected.

    If you intend to borrow the same amount for 12 months, the total amount will be 700, 000.00. Monthly payment is expected and to pay NGN 60, 000 monthly for the first 8 months and NGN 55,000.00 for the last 4 months.

  • Can I borrow NGN 1 M for a business loan?

    Business Loan up to ₦1 M is offered considering three situations.

    Situation 1

    First time JEC FINANCE loan user may not borrow up to NGN 1 M. Users are expected to borrow NGN 500K three times before applying for a business loan up to NGN 1 M. However, if a User has a known guarantor to JEC FINANCE with a strong financial standing, a first time User can borrow NGN 1 M.

    Situation 1 assumes that the person intends to return the principal amount plus interest within 30 days or 1 month. In this situation, the person is expected to pay 10% interest rate on NGN 1 M. It means the interest rate will be NGN 100 K plus principal amount NGN 1 M. Grand Total: 1, 100, 000.00. Monthly repayment is not expected.

    Situation 2

    If the person intends to return the principal amount plus interest within 60 days or 2 months, the person is expected to pay 10% interest rate on NGN 1 M on the first month ( 30 days), and on the second month 5%. It means the interest rate will be NGN 150 K plus principal amount NGN 1 M. Grand Total: 1, 150, 000.00. Monthly repayment is not expected.

    Situation 3

    In situation 3, the interest rate is 10% the first month and maturity date 1-3 months. It means that if a User borrowed NGN 1 M in 1 January 2020, by 30 March  2020, the User is expected to pay interest of NGN 200 K. This means the first month is 10%, and the 2 and 3 months, 5% each month, which means NGN 200 K at the end of 3 months. In other words, the total payment expected at the end of 3 months is 200 k plus the principal amount 1 Million: Grand Total 1,200, 000.00. Monthly repayment is not expected.




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