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JECedit Global is an independent educational consultant with a focus on promoting research and leadership education that demands critical thinking.

Vision: To make research and academic writing more practical than academics. Support applied research  with direct relevance to innovation and development.

Mission: To enhance undergraduate and graduate students’ research and academic writing skills, promote professional skills development at all levels.

Goal: Support students earn quality degrees, necessary to seek career advancement, employment in the public and private sectors.


– Proofreading and copy editing (control contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure).
– Formatting (formatting guideline according to your school).
– Referencing (referencing guideline according to your school).
– Plagiarism (Check to ensure that your manuscript is original).


Any undergraduate thesis that requires, proposal review, proofreading, and grammar edits cost, $300.00 per chapter.  Whether your thesis or project is above five chapters, you will not be asked to pay more.Undergraduate students in some universities do not undertake thesis writing to complete their degree programs. They usually write a Project paper. Our editing services that apply to a Bachelor’s thesis are suitable for a Project paper. Also, proposal review, proofreading, and grammar edits for a Master’s thesis cost, $500.00 per chapter.


Dissertation paper is usually longer than Bachelor and Master theses. We use the term, “dissertation” to refer to the final piece of work that students on the doctoral level programs must complete in partial fulfillment for the award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). A lot of work goes into dissertation writing. Likewise, the editing of dissertation requires extra carefulness. If you need a proposal review,  proofreading, and final dissertation edits, the cost is $950.00 per chapter. Whether your dissertation is above five chapters, you will not be asked to pay more. Our goal is to help you produce a quality dissertation.

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Our Editing Service

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Our Editing Service For Thesis or Dissertation

Complete editing of a thesis or dissertation involves proofreading and copy-editing. The subject areas we cover include public health, humanities and social sciences, education, public policy, economics, political science, social and behavioral sciences, business and law, etc. During the proofreading stage, the manuscript undergoes scrutiny to catch typos, misspellings, grammatical and formatting issues. When your proofreading editor is done, you will receive a copy to see your mistakes and to fix it yourself. The idea is to enable you to learn from your mistakes. When you have done that, you send the manuscript back to your editor. Then, your thesis or dissertation will undergo a copy-editing by another editor, during which the copy editor will review and incorporate the changes and revisions you have made. After the proofing reading and copy-editing stages are completed, all the blatant mistakes and errors will be fixed, and it will require the approval of the editor-in-chief. The entire editing process takes between five to seven days, but a manuscript with serious grammatical errors could take between ten to fifteen days. We require that half of the amount be paid at the time of demand for an edit and that the other half be paid when you receive the edited manuscript. If your thesis or dissertation is still in progress, you can send us three pages from your introduction chapter, and we shall conduct a free proofreading and copy-edit and let you know what sorts of edits you would require.

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