University Services

Customized Learning to Suit Individual’s Needs

JECedit recognizes that the needs for each student to improve their research and academic writing skills may be different. Thus, we tailor-make packages to suit individual student requirements. We do this by first discussing with the students to determine their needs. For a start, a student should have a working document, such as a premise or proposal that contains their idea. For the document to become a thesis or a research paper as the author desires, instead of JECedit to edit your paper, we guide you through the process of thinking about your topic, researching, writing, and editing your manuscript. In essence, JECedit will go through the process of alignment of the content, copy editing, conceptual editing, structuring editing, proofreading and grammar editing with you. If you already have a manuscript, the entire process usually takes 3-4 weeks starting when supervision is scheduled to begin on your document.

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