Research and Academic Writing For Bachelor, Master, & Doctoral Students


Author : James E. Conable
Edition : First
Publisher : Lambert Academic Publishing
Year : 2018
Language : English
ISBN : 978-613-9-85641-1

The author’s many years of experience in education and research, and as an editor and manuscript reviewer of journal articles, theses, and dissertations have made this book possible. This book provides a strong empirical research foundation for students who are preparing to write thesis, doctoral or PhD dissertation. This book is written in a simple language that allows students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to comprehend the entire processes involved in research and academic writing. Depending on the level of your degree, you may choose to focus on a specific topic that deals directly with the research issue that you intend to understand to handle your thesis or dissertation. The constituent elements of each chapter are designed to give students, researchers, and professors what they need to develop their research and academic writing skills. Even if you are not writing a thesis or dissertation, you need to study this book, to develop your ability to critically and systematically integrate knowledge, analyze, assess and deal with complex social phenomena, issues and situations.