Interviewing for qualitative inquiry. A relational approach.


Author : Ruthellen Josselson
Edition : First
Publisher : The Guilford Press
Year : 2013
Language : English
Pages : 226
ISBN : 978-1-4625-1000-9 (pbk. : alk. paper) — ISBN 978-1-4625-1004-7

This book is for people whose research questions lead them
to conduct in-depth research interviews in order to obtain
data that will help them better understand the processes of
the phenomena of interest to them. This mode of inquiry may be
categorized as “qualitative” or “narrative” research1; it is utilized
when research questions concern how people understand and make
meaning of facets of their lives. The light beam of investigation is
generally pointed either at the internal world—how people (perhaps
of a particular subgroup) make inner meaning out of particular experiences—
or at the external world—how particular social institutions
or cultural phenomena are experienced by people. Sometimes
researchers are trying to do both, as in reading the culture from
individual experiences and understanding how cultural experience
creates or shapes the self.