A Handbook on How to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills


Author : James E. Conable
Edition : First
Publisher : Lambert Academic Publishing
Year : 2015
Language : English
Pages : 49
ISBN : 978-3-659-77216-0

The objective of this book is to provide students with fundamental requirements to facilitate thesis writing and improve writing skills. This book covers the standard of academic papers in the following disciplines: Development studies, Economics and Management, Human Geography, International relations, Political Science and Sociology. Nevertheless, students of other disciplines will find the contents of this book useful in handling their theses. This book answers the key questions: What is academic paper? What is the purpose of academic paper? What is expected from you? The author has a good knowledge of various research techniques such as Econometrics, Advanced Time Series, Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed methods and Comparative Analysis. Besides, he is an expert in empirical modelling techniques. This means that in this book, the author provides students with expert guidelines that will help them write good theses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.