Master Thesis



If you need complete Master thesis editing services, send your manuscript to JECedit Manuscript Acquisition Department via email ; and proceed to payment.

Thesis writing is a serious exam in every university across the world. It is a measure of the quality of education that universities offer their students. The term “Thesis” refers to Bachelor Thesis or Master Thesis. The final piece of work that students at the undergraduate or Master degree programs are expected to produce to be awarded their degree. JECedit is dedicated to quality editing of the student thesis. We provide you with proposal review, proofreading, and grammar edits. To forestall cheating and maintain the highest quality standard of academic integrity, the editors of JECedit would bring problem areas in the thesis or dissertation to the student’s attention, but would not rewrite any section of the text. We do not provide ghostwriting services to students and would not encourage students to engage in it! Any Master’s thesis that requires proofreading and grammar edits cost $300.00 per chapter. Whether the length of your thesis is above 50 pages, you will not be asked to pay more. Undergraduate and Master students in some universities do not undertake thesis writing to complete their degree programs. They usually write a Project paper. Our editing services that apply to a Master’s thesis are suitable for a Project paper written at the postgraduate level.