If you need complete Dissertation editing services, send your manuscript to JECedit Manuscript Acquisition Department via email manuscriptacquisition@jecedit.com ; and proceed to payment.

Dissertation paper is usually longer than Bachelor and Master theses. We use the term, “dissertation” to refer to the final piece of work that students on the doctoral level programs must complete in partial fulfillment for the award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). A lot of work goes into dissertation writing. Likewise, the editing of dissertation requires extra carefulness. If you need Dissertation proposal review, proofreading, and grammar (edits), the cost is $950.00 per chapter. Whether your thesis is above five chapters, you will not be asked to pay more.

Our goal is to help you produce a quality dissertation.

Proofreading edit involves reading the entire text to get rid of jargons, long sentences, spelling errors and subjective language in the presentation of the source material. Providing answers to the question, how good do the paragraphs used in the text capture the argument of the paper?

Grammar edit involves checking the use of punctuation, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement (plural or singular), tense consistency per paragraph and making sure that the correct tenses apply throughout the texts. Scrutinize adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases.