Leadership Without Excuses: How to Create Accountability and High-Performance (Instead of Just Talking About It)


Author : Jeff Grimshaw, Gregg Baron
Edition : First
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Year : 2010
Language : English
Pages : 305
ISBN : 9780071600040, 0071600043

Jeff Grimshaw and Gregg Baron have written a book so well grounded in behavioral fundamentals that consultants as well as corporate employees will find it useful in governing their own business practices and client relations. Many of the same dynamics that occur in the corporate examples throughout the book also occur in the self-employed arena — and even on teams and volunteer committees and in families. The book makes most of its points through narrative and example. Narratives and examples are more easily remembered and utilized than purely theoretical discussions — so this choice makes the book much more useful with a lot less work. Readers will find the memorable examples “popping up” when they can be useful. The authors are also to be commended for having the expertise to be able to talk to, and elicit the help of, several highly successful corporate executives — so that the reader can be assured the principles discussed are those actually used in high-stakes situations. While this book can help anyone concerned about corporate performance issues or their own place in their organization, it is also a good read for people wanting a better understanding of themselves, their associates and their family and neighbors as well.