Our Editing Service For Thesis or Dissertation

Complete editing of a thesis or dissertation involves proposal review, final dissertation review, proofreading, and copy-editing. The subject areas we cover include public health, humanities and social sciences, education, public policy, economics, political science, social & behavioral sciences, business and law, and Law. During the proofreading stage, the manuscript undergoes scrutiny to catch typos, misspellings, grammatical and formatting issues. Our reviews and proofreading are done using Microsoft Word’s track changes feature. When your review or proofreading editor is done, you will receive a copy to see your mistakes and to fix it yourself. The idea is to enable you to learn from your mistakes. When you have done that, you send the manuscript back to your editor. Then, your thesis or dissertation will undergo a copy-editing by another editor, during which the copy editor will review and incorporate the changes and revisions you have made. After the draft reviews, proofing reading, and copy-editing stages are completed, all the blatant mistakes and errors will be fixed, and it will require the approval of the editor-in-chief. The entire editing process takes between five to seven days, but a manuscript with serious conceptual, structural, and grammatical errors could take between ten to fifteen days. We require that half of the amount be paid at the time of demand for an edit and that the other half be paid when you receive the edited manuscript. If your thesis or dissertation is still in progress, you can send us three pages from your introduction chapter, and we shall conduct a free review, proofreading, and copy-edit and let you know what sorts of review and edits you would require.

You can request samples of our reviewed manuscripts to see the depth of our review.

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