Free Research and Academic Writing Resources

Research capability of any institution or individual is in doubt when the entity or individual cannot communicate effectively in writing and language that scholars in the same discipline understand. Thus,  JECedit offers free academic resources to help improve student’s research and writing skills. Remember, you cannot research and write academic papers without reading! We provide resources that are effective to execute qualitative and quantitative research as well as those that would help you to improve your research and academic writing skills. If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, and you are having problem with statistics, such as One Sample T-test, Independent Sample T-test, Paired Sample T-test, One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Factorial ANOVA, Multivariate (MANOVA), Repeated Measures, Multiple Linear Regression Analysis (OLS), Binary Logistic Regression (MLR), and more, we would be glad to assist you. Therefore, send blog post, and we shall respond to your concern. It will make easy for you and others to benefit.

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